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the effectiveness of spells

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the effectiveness of spells Empty the effectiveness of spells

Post by burgakingguy Wed Jan 08, 2014 12:38 pm

Spell Cards (or Magic Cards) can normally be activated during your Main Phases (except for Quick-Play Spell Cards), and help you out with different effects. Spell Cards have many powerful effects, like destroying other cards or strengthening monsters. Save these cards in your hand until you can get the best results out of them.

Normal Spell Cards
Normal Spell Cards have single-use effects. To use a Normal Spell Card, announce its activation to your opponent, placing it face-up on the field. If the activation succeeds, then you resolve the effect written on the card. After resolving the effect, send the card to the Graveyard.

Continuous Spell Cards
These cards remain on the field once they are activated, and their effect continues while the card stays face-up on the field. By using Continuous Spell Cards, you can create lasting positive effects with a single card, which is great but there's the chance that the opponent will remove it from the field before you benefit from the effect.

Equip Spell Cards
These cards give an extra effect to 1 face-up monster of your choice (either your own or your opponent's, depending on the card). They remain on the field after they are activated. The Equip Spell Card affects only 1 monster (called the equipped monster), but still occupies one of your Spell & Trap Card Zones. If possible, place it in the zone directly behind the equipped monster to help you remember. If the equipped monster is destroyed, flipped facedown, or removed from the field, its Equip Cards are destroyed.

Field Spell Cards
These cards are placed in the Field Card Zone and remain on the field after they are activated. There can only be 1 face-up Field Spell Card on the field at any given time between both players. When a new Field Spell Card is activated, the previous active Field Spell Card is destroyed automatically. These cards may be placed facedown in the Field Card Zone, but are not active until flipped face-up.

Quick-Play Spell Cards
These are special Spell Cards that can be activated during any Phase of your turn, not just your Main Phase. You can also activate them during your opponent’s turn if you Set the card face-down first, but then you cannot activate the card in the same turn you Set it.

Ritual Spell Cards
These Spell Cards are used to perform Ritual Summons. Use these cards in the same way as you would use Normal Spell Cards.


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